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  • Shamanic Drum Circle

    Feb 20 2019

    A drum circle is any group of people playing drums and percussion in a circle. They may also use movement, dance, voices (chanting, singi...

  • What Is Spiritual Health

    Feb 16 2019

    Possibly the most abstract of the various dimension, spiritual health is challenging to define, develop, and maintain. But this aspect of...

  • Spiritual Musical Instruments

    Feb 13 2019

    The use of sound healing therapy is not just a new age phenomenon but extends back thousands of years into the ancient times where mystic...

  • what is a Rapé ceremony?

    Jan 20 2019

    During a rapé ritual - in which nothing but Rapé is used - the ceremonial leader first determines who needs which blend. After all, eve...

  • What Is Aromatherapy?

    Dec 04 2018

    Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic essential oils derived from plants to enhance the well-being of your physical or psychological health...