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Posted on November 08 2017

The RAPÉ (pronounces "ha-pe"), is a traditional shamanic medicine that has been used for thousands of years by the medical personnel of the Amazon region. It is also known as "shamanic snuff", it consists of a mixture of plants and most (but not always) and contains tobacco as a central plant. The tobacco is considered a sacred plant in shamanic medicine and is used in various ways for healing purposes, in contrast to the way in which it is often used in the Western world. The tobacco strain used as part of a healing mix is significantly stronger than that used in Western cigarettes.

RAPÉ serves the tribes in a variety of ways, in various rituals and in medical rituals, and it can be seen that different tribes have different frequency and consumption characteristics. The difference is also expressed in the plants that are added to the mixture.

The mixture is consumed inhaled through the nose. Traditionally the ceremony takes place between two people when the serving of the healed is mutual. A bone or bamboo applicator is used for the ceremony. There are applicators designed for joint submission and there are applicators used for self- submission.

It is recommended that you approach RAPÉ like the rest of the sacred medicine - in ritual form while placing intention and prayer, as the traditional way of the tribes. After inhaling it is recommended to take a moment, stay with your eyes closed and go inside.
A general recommendation for beginners is a pea-sized dish. This is a good start. However, the dosage varies from person to person. It is important to know that sweating, nausea and increased bowel movement are possible side effects.


In terms of the medicinal effects of healing - first of all it affects the local - clearing runny nose and disinfects the upper respiratory tract. There are also specific mixtures designed to treat influenza and other respiratory diseases. If the body is clogged with toxins, vomiting may be the body's way of removing them. Besides, tobacco has an effect on blood flow and the nervous system, so healing improves concentration and presence and allows for higher communication.

It is recommended to keep the medicine in a sealed container, away from moisture and used directly.


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