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About us

So, who are we and what are we into?

Our mission here at Wild Matter is to support the growing global movement of people searching for healing. We can do this by expanding our awareness and developing sustainable relationships with all. That’s why we have decided to get international with our impact.

This shop is just one of the many channels of activity that we manage. It helps us to build and sustain relationships with the people and communities in the Amazon base and allows us to branch out from there so we can reach and connect more people to this sacred cause. We believe that protecting these precious cultures with their valuable art and customs is an important mission, and that’s why we want you to be a part of it.

This is our goal and passion.

And also our virtue and service in this world...

With your help, we can continue to work as a community to help positively affect the lives of those who are willingly and gladly sharing the ancestral knowledge that we are all so thirsty for. Already, thanks to people like you, we have recently been able to start working on arranging transformative physically-spiritual retreats in a very special eco-community in Colombia. Now when you become a Wild Matter Community Member, you’ll not only be offered high-quality hand-made crafts and goods, but you can also learn about the world of traditional information and have the opportunity to experience healing transformation for yourself. And with our network of friends from Peru to Colombia, you’ll get the chance to visit all kinds of interesting people and communities while you’re there, and we’re sure you’ll resonate with them just as much as we did. You don’t want to miss out on this experience of a lifetime.


How did it all begin?

When Yuval Peles, the initiator and co-owner of Wild Matter went for the first few times on his journeys to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, he realized just how important this mission of working in coherence and respect with the indiginous cultures. That’s the main reason why Wild Matter was established at the beginnings of 2016, by him and Rona Daniely.

For the last 7 years, Yuval traveles these Amazon-based regions, having all kinds of incredible encounters with new cultures, communities, and individuals.

Many precious relationships are embroidered in his journeys, as he often chooses to go back to certain places and people where his heartfelt connected. Throughout the years, these journeys have exposed him to the wonderful world of shamanic healing customs, and all the beautiful artwork that went along with it.

"These majestic pieces of native art are alowing the magic of the ancestral traditions - to trickle into our being, and from there to illuminate and shine upon our relationships. They are enriching our existence and supporting our healing by awakening our ancestral memory..." 

This is Yuval's realization about the important role the Native Art has in our world, as it acts as a powerful healing tool. These were the origens and the background of the clear call to serve this purpose. 


So, from there on, here at Wild Matter, our goal is to heal. We want to heal the body and the mind and help with the harmonization of relationships. Between the people and the cultures, as well as between men and nature.

Today, when we are nearing the end of 2023 and entering 2024, we realized that we need to change direction, renew our physical and spiritual inventory and build a new house in a new place, to expand in the full sense of the word.
We are sitting by the sea at the entrance from Highway 4 to Maayan Zvi beach. (To get to know the complex, click here)

The Wild Matter community continues with strength and joy to be in freedom of movement, positive and sustainable action and constant nurturing of our tree - Wild Matter.

You are invited to visit us in our new home and get to know us up close - Israel is alive!

"Everything Is Relationships"

Welcome to our wild world...

So please, take our open invitation and become a part of our community!


Thank you and blessings from our hearts,

Yuval and The Staff

 Cause Wild DO Matter...