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Incense & Copaleras

Our incense is made only from concentrated substances that come just like they’re meant to be from Mother Nature. They come in the form of wood and resins, which have oils that are released when you burn them. This creates a purifying smoke that can positively affect your mental state, influencing your sense of smell in order to bring you harmony, peace, and elevated spirituality.

Reducing Anxiety & Tension. The calming effects of incense are well known by Monks and spiritual leaders. Certain incense aromas work to slow down the heart rate and soothe nerves. These calming effects help to relieve built up tension in the muscles, enabling incense to also be used as a muscle relaxer.

Whether formal or informal, religious or aesthetic, you create good Karma by taking an incense stick and lighting it as an offering. A simple way to do something, without expectation of return. An act of generosity and letting go.

A well-selected fragrance can be used to enhance your own abilities, stimulate ideas and improve mental performance. Aloeswood based Incense is known for this as well as ‘uplifting’ fragrances such as Lemongrass, Citrus scents, Geranium, and Ylang-Ylang.

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