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So how do you really connect 2024 to the wild world?

Posted on December 20 2023

In 2024 we must adapt ourselves to the environment with regards to sustainability, human relations, life in nature and natural health.

There is no doubt that the last two years have changed us all in many ways. We are deep in wild businesses, each and the challenge he faces, each and the mountain he climbs.

Let's start from the basics: breathe.
Breathing is the most basic and most effective thing in dealing with stress and difficult challenges. To relax in the simplest way, find a comfortable and relatively quiet place to sit, find a pillow or a comfortable chair or anything you can sit on comfortably.

Close your eyes for a moment and listen to the sound of your breathing. The thoughts will run, let them run. Keep listening to your breathing, the air coming in and out and the simple sound it makes.

Try to return every time your thoughts wander to the simple and lovely voice of the breath.

Allow yourself to think as follows:

Every time you sit comfortably with yourself and just breathe and listen to it, you give yourself back a little of the sanity that we all search for all our lives...
Give yourself a gift and take a breath, but really...

want to fly? Put on music you like. Want to exaggerate at all? Treat yourself to healthy, delicious and nutritious food right after the breathing session and you'll have a reward to think about while you're at it.

We are in the Wild metter and wish you a happy and sweet new year full of abundance and wild happiness...


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