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Working with Rapé

Posted on September 16 2018

There are just as many ways of working with rapé as there are reasons to use it. With this tobacco being so popular among the many different peoples of the Amazon region, many different traditions and practices have developed around its use. The benefits of rapé range from the physical and the psychological to the energetic and the spiritual. It can be used to clear the mind and focus the thoughts. It helps to center you and ground your energy. It opens up both your physical and your spiritual senses, and it can be used to cleanse and purify your body and your energetic fields. Most importantly, it connects you to your spiritual guides and the healing they can provide. It’s great for use in any ceremony and it can be used with almost any other ritual or medicine to increase their effects. Traditionally, it was often used to prepare for hunting or war. Its effects make you feel strong and energetic. It can also bring on visionary states and is used in some journey work to help aid in with communication with your spirit guides and allies for healing or guidance.

As with all herbs, you want to make sure that you only use the best products. We are lucky today to live at a time when we can obtain this ancient medicine no matter where we live in the world. So for those of us not living in South America, we can still have access to this powerful medicine. You can also make your own rapé by drying, powdering and mixing the plants you want to use. You should also buy a blowpipe for serving the rapé. While it can be snuffed directly off of your hand, the pipes are an important part of the tradition and get the snuff further into your nose where it is absorbed better.

While rapé can be taken as for recreational use, it is traditionally meant for spiritual and ceremonial practice. Each culture that uses it has developed its own rituals, so there are many ways to go about building your own practice. To develop your own ceremonial practice, you should open the sacred space with your usual style of opening ritual. Then you should take the time to pray and think about your intentions, you can even sing a medicine song or play a little ceremonial music if you want. When you are ready, put a little rapé into your hand, about the size of a pea. You can use less or more depending on your experience level and your intention: someone with more experience or who needs deep cleansing or healing might do a much larger amount.


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