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Rapé Mulateiro

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The traditional usage of Rapé

This remedy is known to work on the upper chakras - the crown (pineal gland) and the third eye (pituitary gland: intellect, reasoning, sensing and vision).
Characteristics: This is a very thin, dark gray, medium-strength surface rafa.

The initial feeling after serving is strong and has a "tears" effect.
After the great amount of energy experienced in the first moments - comes a gentle and thoughtless effect. When working specifically on the upper chakras, it is recommended to perform spiritual work, such as meditation. Provides concentration and deep peace of mind.

Traditional preparation of the "Honi Koin - Kashinawa" tribe
This type is prepared by the natives with the ash of the Mulateiro tree, black Amazonian tobacco and other sacred medicinal plants of the Amazon.

The tobacco and the medicines of which makes the Rapé (correctly pronounced 'Ha-Pe') helps to detach entities, energy parasites and contaminations and interferences in the internal dialogue. Upon receiving a puff of Rapé, the medicine goes up cleaning, sorting out and aligning our energy field, especially the centers or chakras of the third eye and crown, and from there up and down the spine- the Tree of Life.

It is also medicine for the body, helping to expel mucus and parasites from the frontal and paranasal sinuses. Eliminates headaches, dullness and daze, since it decompresses the pressure of the cranium.

It is also medicine for ones spiritual vision. It is helping us to cleanse the mind and stop the internal dialogue, to be truly present to be able to see beyond our interpretations.

How To Use

The Rapé is blown into each nostril separately, balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, our feminine and masculine side, yin and yang.

There are two ways to administer rapé: the soplada (where another person blows the powder into your nose, made with a designed pipe called Tepi) or by self-administration with a crooked pipe made of wood called Kuripé. The big advantage of using a Kuripé is that you are in total control of the dosage and the power of the administration.


For further information you are most welcome to continue the reading in our special blog post about RAPÉ in this link

Note: the pictures are only for illustration of the use of  the Rapé the product is the Rapé itself 

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