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Rapé Tsunu

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The traditional usage of Rapé

The bark of the tsunu tree, considered one of the ten most important Brazilian medicinal plants, is used in folk medicine to treat malaria, impotence, upset stomach, dizziness, constipation and fever. In its preparation, the tobacco is processed with great and special care.

This healing comes from the Yawanawá tribe and has an uplifting frequency and deep cleansing quality. It has strong feminine qualities and is ideal for balancing energies and finding stability.

In addition to tobacco, it is also made from different types of ash from barks of different trees, including tsuno, which are used by the natives in preparation for hunting and for cleaning the Panema ("halo of laziness and bad luck"), in traditional sacred medicine ceremonies. This mixture is ground into a fine powder.

The energies of the different plants coalesce and thus the spirit comes with more light, deep and enlightening.

This is an intense blend, but once the first effects wear off it is generally very comfortable and gives a sense of openness, coming from points in the cranial nerves around the back of the head.

The tobacco and the medicines of which makes the Rapé (correctly pronounced 'Ha-Pe') helps to detach entities, energy parasites and contaminations and interferences in the internal dialogue. Upon receiving a puff of Rapé, the medicine goes up cleaning, sorting out and aligning our energy field, especially the centers or chakras of the third eye and crown, and from there up and down the spine- the Tree of Life.

It is also medicine for the body, helping to expel mucus and parasites from the frontal and paranasal sinuses. Eliminates headaches, dullness, and daze, since it decompresses the pressure of the cranium.

It is also medicine for one's spiritual vision. It is helping us to cleanse the mind and stop the internal dialogue, to be truly present to be able to see beyond our interpretations.

How To Use

The Rapé is blown into each nostril separately, balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, our feminine and masculine side, yin and yang.

There are two ways to administer rapé: the soplada (where another person blows the powder into your nose, made with a designed pipe called Tepi) or by self-administration with a crooked pipe made of wood called Kuripé. The big advantage of using a Kuripé is that you are in total control of the dosage and the power of the administration.


For further information, you are most welcome to continue the reading in our special blog post about RAPÉ in this link


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