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Rapé Yawanawa

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Origin & Preparation

The Yawanawa comes from the women of the Yawanawa tribe from Brazil.
It stimulates, cleans and purifies. This is a powerful feminine healing prepared by women - excellent for cleansing, balancing and centering, and for a deeper connection to the soft feminine energies.

Mediates the energy of the wise woman. The one that expresses clear thought, softness, balance and harmony. Contains mainly tobacco and tsuno ash (Platycyamus regnelli), and other secret ingredients.
This Rapé is made by Angela, our sister, a blessed medicine woman from the ecological eco-community “tierra de agua”, in north-western Colombia. The preparation is made according to the Brazilian tradition of the Yawanawa tribe people

(“Yawa” means wild boar and “Nawa” means people…)

With the ashe of the Tsunu tree that she was sent from Brazil, with organic mapacho (black tobacco), organic from Peru and with her special prayer, in the “Maloka” (“the house of thought”) of the community - Angela has created this blissful natural medicine, for us to share with you...

Rapé Yawanawa is a pure, strong and heart boosting remedy.

Straightens the body and mind, purifies and brings harmony and brightness.

It connects us to the energy of a Warrior Forest Woman - with an open heart, clear sight and sharp & sensitive awareness.

It is a Rapé that draws us to connect with our higher self and encourages us to remove any illusion…

The remedy of Rapé is also used to treat dizziness, indigestion, fever, insomnia, diarrhea, abdominal pain, urinary tract problems, and malaria.


The traditional usage of Rapé

The tobacco and the medicines of which makes the Rapé (correctly pronounced 'Ha-Pey') helps to detach entities, energy parasites and contaminations and interferences in the internal dialogue. Upon receiving a puff of Rapé, the medicine goes up cleaning, sorting out and aligning our energy field, especially the centers or chakras of the third eye and crown, and from there up and down the spine- the Tree of Life.

It is also medicine for the body, helping to expel mucus and parasites from the frontal and paranasal sinuses. Eliminates headaches, dullness and daze, since it decompresses the pressure of the cranium.

It is also medicine for ones spiritual vision. It is helping us to cleanse the mind and stop the internal dialogue, to be truly present to be able to see beyond our interpretations.

Angela shares about the Rapé:

"This medicine comes from the ancestral knowledge of the indigenous cultures of Brazil, Peru and Colombia, and since antiquity has been used both in the spiritual field and in cleaning and detoxification processes. When the properties of tobacco and the medicinal plants it curries are blown in the nostrils- they are absorbed by the mucous membranes and go directly into the bloodstream, also reaches the paranasal sinuses and cleans accumulated dirt of years that cause us problems such as sinusitis and migraines, and expelled excess phlegm. Another part of the medicine goes down to the stomach and there, through the digestive tract, it performs other functions of cleansing, deworming and cleansing the intestines, improving intestinal peristaltic movement.

Rapé helps us understand on a conscious level that it is a meditation tool. So we do a kind of meditation that we call "Rapé meditation" - once the Rapé is served, one easily reaches a state of profound meditation. This medicine is processed by repeated grinding of tobacco, herbs, bark and ashes from holy fire in a delicate alchemical process. Rapé can be made of different plants. The presence of "Grandfather Tobacco" helps to invite and balance the rest of the medicinal plants, in order to direct them for a certain purpose. At the same time, the "Tabakito" is a door that connects the spirit and the universe and helps us to awaken the essential purity in us."

>All of our Rapé medicine were made with organic tobacco and plants and healing prayers. It is well preserved for about two years, when it is protected from moisture<

How To Use

The Rapé is blown into each nostril separately, balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, our feminine and masculine side, yin and yang.

There are two ways to administer rapé: the soplada (where another person blows the powder into your nose, made with a designed pipe called Tepi or by self-administration with a crooked pipe made of wood called Kuripé. The big advantage of using a Kuripé is that you are in total control of the dosage and the power of the administration.


For further information you are most welcome to continue the reading in our special blog post about RAPÉ in this link

Note: the pictures are only for illustration of the use of  the Rapé the product is the Rapé itself   

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