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Rapé - Cumaru

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The traditional usage of Rapé

Used by several tribes from the Acre region of the Brazilian Amazon. Activates the head chakras, helps calm the mind and open the out-of-body perception.

It is a medicine that acts as a stimulant and at the same time relaxes. In larger amounts it can take the mind into a state of openness where vision can be achieved, making it especially good for use in rituals with higher intent. 
Using a minimal amount gives a softer experience and gives a sense of calm.

The native tribes use it before a cold bath to avoid catching a cold. The Caboclos (warriors of the jungle) also use this type of rapha to reach a state of harmony and unity with the creatures of the forest.

How To Use

The Rapé is blown into each nostril separately, balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, our feminine and masculine side, yin and yang.

There are two ways to administer rapé: the soplada (where another person blows the powder into your nose, made with a designed pipe called Tepi) or by self-administration with a crooked pipe made of wood called Kuripé. The big advantage of using a Kuripé is that you are in total control of the dosage and the power of the administration.


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Note: the pictures are only for illustration of the use of  the Rapé the product is the Rapé itself 

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