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Tepi - Rapé Applicator - Palo Santo Capi, Huayruru Snake

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This applicator for Rapé is made of the very aromatic Palo Santo tree- "the sacred tree" which has a strong relaxing-meditative effect. It has an inlay of Ayahuasca Caapi, and a Huayruro seed inlayed in a snake figure- which together serves for protection from bad spirits. 

The traditional usage of Rapé
Rapé (correctly pronounced 'Ha-Pe') is made of tobacco and medicines that help to detach entities, energy parasites, and contaminations and interferences in the internal dialogue. When you take a puff of Rapé, the medicine immediately begins to clean, sort out, and align your energy field, especially the centers or chakras of the third eye and crown. It moves up and down the spine, tracing the Tree of Life. It is medicine for one's spiritual vision, helping us to cleanse the mind and stop the internal dialogue, to be truly present to be able to see beyond our interpretations.

It is also medicine for the body, helping to expel mucus and parasites from the frontal and paranasal sinuses. It eliminates headaches, dullness, and daze, by decompressing the pressure of the cranium.

Origin and Preparation

The Rapé that you’ll receive from us is made with love in the eco-community “tierra de agua cristal” in Antioquia, Colombia. That translates to “the land of crystalline waters,” and is an ancestral medicine community that we are proud to co-operate and support their sustainable development through fair trade and the production of detox retreats.

This medicine comes from the ancestral knowledge of the indigenous cultures of Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. Since antiquity, has been used both in the spiritual field and in cleaning and detoxification processes. When the properties of tobacco and the medicinal plants it carries are blown up into the nostrils, they are absorbed by the mucous membranes and go directly into the bloodstream, also reaching the paranasal sinuses and cleaning accumulated years of dirt that cause us problems such as sinusitis and migraines, and expelled excess phlegm. Another part of the medicine goes down to the stomach, and there, through the digestive tract, it performs other functions like cleansing, deworming the intestines, and improving intestinal peristaltic movement.

Not only does Rapé have all of these physical health benefits, but it also acts as a meditation tool to help us consciously open ourselves up. We do a kind of meditation that we call "Rapé meditation" - once the Rapé is served, one easily reaches a state of profound meditation.

This medicine is processed by repeatedly grinding tobacco, herbs, bark, and ashes from a holy fire in a delicate alchemical process. Rapé can be made of different plants, too. The presence of "Grandfather Tobacco" helps to invite and balance the rest of the medicinal plants, in order to direct them for a certain purpose. At the same time, the "Tabakito" is a door that connects your spirit with the universe and helps us to awaken the essential purity in us. All of our Rapé medicine is made with organic tobacco and plants, while healing prayers are being said. It is carefully aged for about two years, completely protected from moisture and ready for you when you’re ready for it.

Types of Rapé

"Makuna": This type is used to clean and discharge energy. When you use it, it brings the harmony and spirit of the forest to you so you can heal. It is also used to treat dizziness, indigestion, fever, insomnia, diarrhea, abdominal pain, urinary tract problems, and malaria.

Spicy: This one will give you a boost in mental energy, purifies the respiratory system, and helps with nasal problems. It also relieves the pain caused by rheumatic and nerve diseases. It is a "fire" Rapé with a feminine-masculine energy balance.

Basil: Smoking this will bring you positive energies and increased meditation mental focus by activating the head chakras. It also relieves muscular tension, and it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It is a Rapé that invites feminine energy.

Ginger: This one produces high vibration to unblock and extract negative energies. It helps prevent constipation while improving digestion. It also relieves abdominal pain and muscular tension and is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It is an "energetic" Rapé and brings to balance between masculine and feminine.

Cinnamon: This type stimulates the solar plexus chakra, attracting energies of relaxation and love, and supporting you in your meditation. It is a Rapé of feminine energy.

How To Use
The Rapé is blown into each nostril separately so that you are balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, the feminine, and masculine side, the yin and yang.

There are two ways to administer rapé. You can have another person blow the powder into your nose with a specially designed pipe called a Tepi, or you can do it yourself with a crooked pipe made of wood called a Kuripé. The big advantage of using a Kuripé is that you are in total control of the dosage and the power of the administration.

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