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Shipibo Embroidery Ceremonial Pants

95.00 USD


The Shipibo are an indigenous tribe along the Ucayali River in the Amazonian rainforest of Peru. This tribe has more or less maintained their tribal identity and still practice their shamanic traditions and beliefs.

Handmade Shipibo Mens pants. featuring Ayahuasca, Chacruna and Icaros embroidery.

The Shipibo clothes are completely handmade by a family of the Shipibo tribe, who sing icaros (shamanic songs) as they make their arts. The items they make are always of a high quality and completely unique.

The designs are done on natural un-dyed cotton or on cotton dyed with mahogany bark giving it a brown color.

The Shipibas woman paint using bamboo sticks and crushed berry fruits that turn blue-brown-black once exposed to air. They also use cotton to embroider the distinct patterns onto the cloth.

-Size: Large.

-made of cotton (100% natural).

-hand wash only.

-no returns on shipibo clothes.

Shipments Israel: up to 7 business days.
International Air Mail Shipping: USA - 5-10 days | EU: 5-10 days | Australia: 10-15 days.