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Palo Sangre Tepi - Rapé Applicator

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This applicator is a self-medication device. It is made of "Palo Sangra" - the "blood tree". which is so called because it has a strong crimson hue.

Inlaid with chrysocula stone on one side and on the other side a slice of the vine of the medicinal plant Ayahuasca Caapi. Attached to an adjustable fabric chain for comfortable carrying if needed.

 Even in these times in the Amazon, offering rapa is a common social activity with pre-Columbian spiritual roots. Rafa is considered a sacred shamanic medicine. It is traditionally prepared by knowledgeable shamans, but the art of preparing the sacred medicine has been passed down to non-indigenous healers, so you can also find quality healers outside of tribal communities and in other regions of Brazil. 

Traditionally the offering of rapha is done in a ritualistic manner, as medicine can have emotional and mental stimulating effects. A deep connection to the earth, nature and a higher level of consciousness.

Because it is a sacred medicine, the Indians offer rapha as a prayer calling on the forces of nature, the blessing of the forest animals, and the power of the medicinal plants within to heal us and give us strength.

Nowadays, healing medicine is making its way all over the world, through ever-increasing cross-cultural friendships between Native Americans and non-native friends, as well as through various healing ceremonies.

Please note: we always recommend to maintain a clear intention and honest internal listening when we deal with healing and using natural and traditional medicines.

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