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Palo Rosa Feathered Tepi - Rapé Applicator

70.00 USD

This applicator for Rapé is made in the Peruvian Amazon of the Palo Rosa- the "Roswood". it called so for its pink-purple shade, and its sweat aroma.

It has an alpaca metal framed inlaid with Ayahuasca Caapi, and a chrysocolla inlay as well. it also comes decorated with “spirit protector” Huayruro seeds & Guacamaya parrot natural feathers. 

*the feathers are collected from legitimate hunting of native tribes of the huge, overpopulated, farm crops feeding packs. the hunt is vigilized and authorized by the Peruvian authorities.

-using for the application of Rapé 
-premium quality

19.5cm X 6.5cm 

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