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Myrrh is a resin extracted from the Commiphora myrrha tree, which grows in desert and dry areas, in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, Somalia and Ethiopia. The myrrh resin is secreted in different places in the tree, around the outer bark of the trunk and branches, in response to various animal injuries or environmental damage. The resin is a sticky protective layer rich in disinfectants (essential oils, resins), which makes it difficult for various microbial and parasitic infections to develop.
Myrrh resin has been known for various uses for thousands of years. The common denominator for all these uses stems from the unique "purification" qualities attributed to myrrh - on a physical level (disinfection) and on a metaphysical level (smell / incense). Myrrh resin was used to make perfumes and various cosmetic oils in the Mezzet, Greece and ancient Egypt.

There are various testimonies that confirm that it was used in Egypt in 3,000 BC, among other things as an important means of embalming. Myrrh resin was used in many worship ceremonies in the ancient world and there are even those who claim that this is the myrrh mentioned as one of the symbols of the temple's incense.

When we hum the myrrh it brings the male side, the verb, the sun.
There is up.
Brings a quality of ground, action, focus.
Connected to the element of earth and fire.

To balance and complete the purification, it is recommended to combine it with frankincense.

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