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Mexican Amber

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While often considered a gemstone, the glowing, warm amber is not actually a stone, but a fossilized resin from ancient evergreen trees. The oldest amber discovered on Earth is about 320 million years old. Imagine the incredibly powerful energy this amber contains!

The most obvious quality of amber is it's a very old energy. With it comes the accumulated wisdom of the earth and its natural kingdom. You can often see little insects trapped in the amber from when the resin was still a liquid. This gives the amber stone quite powerful magical properties.

The most popular amber stones come in warm colors - a variety of yellow, orange and sunny brown tones, this is why amber was considered to be the stone of the sun.

The properties of the Amber are:

It is warm, healing, wise, protective and cheerful. It helps Balances emotions and attracts good luck. It helps to eliminate fears.  It can be used to relieve a headache. It clears the mind, dissolves negative energy, and helps develop patience and wisdom.

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