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Traditional Shipibo Maracas

We offer you the most unique range of maracas produced in the Peruvian Amazon by a local craftsmen's tribe, the “Shipibo” or the “Shipibos”.

The symbols are hand-carved designs of animals and sacred geometric shapes like the condor, snake, jaguar, hummingbird, the sun, the moon and Chakana crosses,

The sound of these instruments and the special healing frequency that they carry with them distributes freely while playing. Each one has its own sound, filled with achira seeds. making each one a unique piece of art.

Traditional members of the Shipibo tribe use Maraca to accompany their singing of the "Icaros" -a prayer to summon the "great spirit" and the spirit of the ayahuasca, a powerful traditional medicinal brew that they drink during shamanic rituals, serving for healing, development of consciousness and finding and nurturing a vision of a superior life.

We offer them to you in 2 different models:

- One of the models is a simple design rake, decorated with two guacamaya feathers, with a handle made of Chontaduro - the darkest and most powerful palm wood in the Amazon.

- The second, a larger model, comes with a decoration of quartz crystal, guacamaya feathers, and gemstones inlays.

these maracas Come with a chontaduro stick or a natural curved and authentic wood.

they are considered being one of the most powerful ritual instruments in the spiritual world.

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