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Shamanic Drums

Our supreme quality shamanic drums are presented and offered to you with much gratitude and love


They are made by the “Chasqui” family from Medellin, Colombia.

Each drum is unique and made with ceremonial prayers and blessings by the very skilled hands and loving hearts of Juan Camilo and Maria Ochoa, our good friends, who are devoted craftsman and singer, which we consider as a true “artists of life”.

In their family workshop, they craft and assemble these sacred instruments, and conducting workshops to teach the art of making their vibrant, healing shamanic drums.

Maria’s medicine is manifested through her as a part of women’s choir for medicinal songs and Juan Camilo is crafting the shamanic music and medicinal instruments & holds Inipi (sweat lodge) and traditional medicinal San-Pedro ceremonies.

We are blessed and happy about this connection with our family - the “Chasqui” family.

It allows us to offer you these rare, authentic and very high-quality sacred instruments, and it allows us to contribute to the economy of this beautiful family.

And this is what wild matter arts stand for.

We are only blessed as the sum of our loving relationships…


When the shaman wants to journey they need to shift to a different state to be able to journey. The drum helps do that. The shaman needs to make a similar shift if they want to be able to see the client with spiritual eyes.

Drumming may also be used as a form of therapy for releasing and moving through strong emotions such as grief and pain. "The wise make one lifetime into many; the many make one lifetime into less.."

By surrendering ourselves to the shape-shifting rhythm of the drum, we allow ourselves to move into the ethereal realm of deep imagination, where healing transformation is free to take place, where we are free to communicate with various archetypes and travel through limitless worlds.

The shamanic drums have always been the native’s way to call and gather the people of the tribe. this is our way of “play of the drum”, and we invite you all to join the play, which is an ancient prayer, and to join our tribe.


*shipments for this service may take up to 45 days to build, assemble, paint and to deliver!!!!

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