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Mhuysca Makrame Bracelets

The Muisca, Mhuysca or Muysca are an indigenous group of the central plateaus of Colombia, that formed the Muisca Confederation before the Spanish conquest. The people spoke Muysccubun, a language of the Chibcha language family, also called Muysca and Mosca. As one out of four advanced civilizations of the Americas (apart from the Aztec, Mayas, and Incas)

the perception that the muyscas were thought to have had with respect to the natural world, as well as the elements that compose their environmental and ecological area, is quite impressive.

These bracelets are showing that perception and express an attempt to revive, through macrame, the symbolism and the cosmovision of a unique, intelligent culture that pulsates its way back to life through the Muiscan artisans- “the artists of life”...

they are a delicate work of macrame, made by women, descendants of the old Muisca tribe, in a special community called Raquira, a community that is the keystone of the cultural blooming process experienced by these forgotten culture people.

Raquira is actually an ancient Muisca village that has been rebuilt and is the center of the cultural restoration and study project that is, fortunately, taking place in Colombia at these times.

In recent years, many Colombians, who see themselves as members of the Muisca tribe, have been multiplying, and together they are recreating the cultural wealth of their ancestors.

This socio-cultural vision the Muiscas seem to possess is marked by the idea about the sacred, a reason that perhaps, among them was the inspiration and
motive for rites, myths, symbolism, and sociocultural celebrations, which became part of their cultural memories.

These rare and unique pieces are bought fair-traded with a Muisca friend, a Spiritual leader of the Raquira community which we, in Wild Matter, know personally.

Purchasing this blissful art contributes directly to this encouraging and inspiring process and allows us to strengthen our connection with this beautiful tradition of wisdom.

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