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In this collection, you will find unique incense and essential oils which we provide for you straight from their exotic origins. Our essential oils are made from pure extracts that came straight from plants that are unique to Peru. These are powerful concentrated products that have many beneficial properties, They positively affect a wide variety of physical and mental phenomena and situations.

The plants that these oils come from have been in traditional use for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin and the Andes, and their use as essential oils is a precious gift that we are privileged to have, thanks to modern extraction capabilities.

Our incense is made only from concentrated substances that come just like they’re meant to be from Mother Nature. They come in the form of wood and resins, which have oils that are released when you burn them. This creates a purifying smoke that can positively affect your mental state, influencing your sense of smell in order to bring you harmony, peace, and elevated spirituality.

Aromatherapy uses a combination of special scents (“aroma”) to treat the body, mind, or social situation ("therapy"). It is a method of alternative medicine (also called "complementary medicine"), that uses essential oils and base oils (or vegetable oils) made of aromatic flowers, herbs, spices, and trees. Aromatherapy is a general name that refers to the various traditions of the use of essential oils, sometimes combined with other practices, from alternative medicine and spiritual views.

Aromatherapy is also a holistic medicine theory. Many aromatherapists believe that it can potentially improve almost any health condition. There are claims that it can be effective in relieving stress, treating muscular problems, and treating dyspepsia and skin diseases. According to many of these therapists, the healing properties of the plants are transferred by the smell of the essential oils to the lungs. They can also be transferred through osmosis in a water bath, by smearing the skin, and by penetration into the bloodstream. The use of oils can sometimes cause various side effects, which is why it is important to take precautions and consult with an expert before using any essential oils.

Here at Wild Matter, we believe that NATURAL HEALING MATTERS, and it is crucial to us that humanity as a whole is able to heal naturally. That’s why we are absolutely delighted and proud to offer you these miraculous Essential Oils and Incense so that you can be on your way to a healthier you.




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