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Handmade Clay Bracelets

This marvelous Clay bracelets have been made for many years by artist Edu and his wife Luz Mari, aided by heir family and neighbors in their home workshop in Quindío, Colombia. The family collects a huge variety of soils from the region and from all over the country. With their self-invented simple machinery and techniques, they assemble these extraordinary, rich, and variable designs.

The materials of these Clay bracelets are all natural and local. The colors come from the minerals founded in the different soils the family works with.

These extremely high-quality items are unique and rare. Each item is one-of-a-kind and made with much precision and care.

In our visit to this warm family's home, we discovered that their door is always open for all the neighbors and tourists that wish to learn about the process and how to create this unique art.

Now, we offer you their blessed High-Quality Clay Jewelry for the first time outside of Colombia.

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